How long have you been a masseur? I have been providing massage on and off for the past couple of years, with my main job being a fitness instructor. As things have changed significantly with fitness because of COVID-19, I’ve decided to focus fully on massage in an environment I know is as safe as I can make it.

Am I naked for a massage? Ordinarily you are naked and a towel is used to keep you warm during the massage. However some people may be more self conscious and prefer to keep their underwear on. This is personal choice and something that is respected. As the massage includes the hip and glute areas, if you wish to wear underwear, I would recommend wearing an old pair that won’t be spoilt if they come in contact with the oil.

I’ve not had a massage before, I’m a bit nervous! Having your first massage or meeting a new masseur for the first time can feel a bit daunting. It’s worth remembering that I will also be seeing and working on you for the first time too. And when you arrive I do my very best to make you feel welcome and comfortable. You can always call me first to discuss the massage. Hearing what a person sounds like and how they speak to you can often help alleviate some apprehension. It’s also an opportunity to discuss your needs and worries before your appointment, to make it a more pleasant first visit.

What will happen when I arrive? When you arrive I will run through the required COVID protocol. This involves taking your temperature using a hand held scanner, and asking you to disinfect your hands using the gel provided. I will also ask you to remove your shoes before we go through to the room. I will explain to you what has been done prior to your visit to ensure your safety relating to COVID-19 and general cleanliness. I will then explain how your appointment will work and discuss your needs as well as any health issues or injuries you may have that may affect your massage. Once all of this has been done, you will be asked to undress and remove any jewellery, and to move to the treatment table. You will begin face down unless you are having the pre-massage scrub, and immediately a warm towel will be placed over you before beginning.

I worry about getting and erection during my massage, what should I do? Involuntary erections are extremely common during massage because of the movement on the table and/or sensitivity to touch. Being a guy myself I know that some parts of the body have minds of their own, so don’t think I will be there judging you. The worst thing you can do is worry about it happening, feel embarrassed, worried or self-conscious if it does, and you certainly don’t need to apologise for it. You are there to relax your body and your mind, so don’t let that spoil your treatment for no reason. The same if you fall asleep and snore like and elephant!

In your pictures the table looks very low to what I’ve seen before. Yes, the table I use is low to the ground and is bespoke. The low table is 25cm (10 inches) high and allows me to transfer my weight more easily during the massage and I am able to manoeuvre myself differently. Many clients find the lower table feels more psychologically ‘safe’ and restful like being in a bed, rather than being higher in the air with the traditional height table.

I don’t have the best body and feel self-conscious. The perfect body doesn’t exist, except in a few air brushed magazines. We all come in different shapes and sizes, we’ve all faced our own personal battles and none of us should be made to feel self-conscious for being ourselves. The time we spend together is all about you and confined to the privacy of the room. I will not be judging you on your body shape, skin type or anything else, so whilst it may be easier said than done, please try not to feel self-conscious, we are all different.

Is the oil you use ok for me, I have sensitive skin? The oil I use is H2Oil, a blend of Coconut oil, Rice Bran oil and Sunflower oil which allows the skin to breath (non-occlusive), with no record of dermatological problems. It also has added Vitamin E for skin health and as it contains a vegetable derived emulsifier (Polysorbate 85), it will wash off easily when you shower or bathe.

Do you offer hair removal? I am not trained in hair removal and am unable to offer this service.

I’m worried about COVID-19, should I bring my own towels? I appreciate most people are rightly concerned about COVID-19 and want to reduce the risk to themselves as much as possible. Whilst the idea of bringing your own towels may seem a good idea, it does present me with a problem. For me to ensure my services are as COVID safe as possible, I have to follow government guidelines. All contact areas (door handles, floors, seats etc) are cleaned and disinfected before and after a client’s appointment. All towels used are washed and disinfected and stored safely, as is anything I use during the appointment. This means that I know everything I am using is COVID safe and has been risk assessed, ensuring that I’m not putting my clients, myself or my family at unnecessary risk. If you bring in your own towels that have not been kept in COVID safe conditions, you could unknowingly contaminate what is a COVID safe area, putting not only myself at risk, but all future clients and my family. Therefore you are asked to only arrive with what you are wearing and to leave any unnecessary items in your car.

Can I pay by an app or card? At the moment I only accept cash as I don’t have card facilities. Being totally honest, I am not an app person or one that likes giving endless amounts of personal data to be stored and used in never ending data bases. So for the time being it’s cash only and it’s all declared too!

You offer longer appointments, what’s best for me? The standard given massage is generally an hour. This gives enough time to work from head to toe without being too hurried. Longer appointments allow me to be more thorough and use additional techniques to help remove tension so in addition to the 1 hour (£40), I offer 1h15m (£50), 1h 30m (£60), 1h 45m (£70) and 2hr (£80) appointments. There is also the pre-massage scrub, where you are washed on the table, your skin exfoliated using exfoliating gloves, before being dried ready for your 1h massage. This is offered as a 1h15m (£50) appointments, but the scrub section at (£10) can be added to any extended massage also. I usually suggest the 1hr massage or the 1h 15m scrub and massage first visit, to enable you to decide whether it’s enough or if you need longer on future appointments.

How often should I see you? That is completely up to you. I won’t push you to keep coming every so many weeks. Come and see me whenever you need to relax and unwind, need a pamper, or have a stiffness issue that needs addressing.